Corporate Values

Client First

First and foremost, we keep the objectives of our client's big picture in focus as we serve them. Our perceptions are constantly wide open. The passion to maintain both the big picture and its every single detail concurrently in the same perspective defines the Polimeks identity. Construction and engineering stand out as the fields where pioneering technologies prevail. Not only in the selection of materials or their execution but especially in the steeply increased productivity in business processes brought about by the technologies we employ.


We constantly aim to add more value. Effective business processes in planning, logistics, quality standards and decision-making have direct bearing on our clients as innovative solutions, lower construction costs and superior buildings. Since day one, we have been striving for a transparent and collaborative business environment of a higher caliber, because we believe building the road to excellence is a life-long project.


We share our knowledge base and expertise, and we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients as part of a tightly-knit team. The pace of change will increase, while the technology will provide possibilities we can hardly dream today. However, neither the new techniques nor the materials we use, but the rapport founded on mutual trust will remain the invariable determinant of our attitude. The enduring relationships we have built over the years will keep the lifeblood of our business flowing.


We rely on our speed in project delivery and our engineering skills because we do our job right and we keep our promises


Polimeks brings the architectural and engineering experience of three friends, going back to early formative years, as partners in design, execution and management.

An enterprising spirit, backed up by expert teams and high technology, draws on full integration of architecture and engineering services under a single roof.

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Guided by the motto of "Right Person for the Right Job", our human resource policy - which makes us different - is aimed at investing in the human intellect and skills. Positioning our employees according to their abilities and qualifications, contributing to their development, and raising service quality - thus fostering the success of our company - forms the basis of the Human Resources understanding of Polimeks Construction.

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