The Polimeks team sings well-loved folk songs in “Polifoni”

Polimeks Construction, brought together the teams of its Istanbul and Ashgabat offices to create the video “Polifoni”, with the aim of reflecting the harmony of voices from different backgrounds.

60 members of staff from Ashgabat and Istanbul

A total of 60 Polimeks staff members, 30 from the Istanbul office and 30 from the Ashgabat office, participated in the Polifoni project, which was inspired by the Play for Nature (Doğa İçin Çal) videos. In this project, a product of our team-based corporate culture, Polimeks staff sang or played an instrument in accompaniment to the folk songs Kızılcıklar Oldu Mu, Yüksek Yüksek Tepelere and Evlerinde Lambaları Yanıyor.

Filming in Ashgabat and Istanbul

For the Polifoni project, mobile recording studios were brought to Polimeks offices in Istanbul and Ashgabat in order to record the songs, following which footage was shot in the offices and at different points in the two cities. Polifoni highlights the corporate culture of Polimeks, a company with 16,000 employees from five different countries.

Click here to watch "Polifoni" video.


Polimeks brings the architectural and engineering experience of three friends, going back to early formative years, as partners in design, execution and management.

An enterprising spirit, backed up by expert teams and high technology, draws on full integration of architecture and engineering services under a single roof.

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Guided by the motto of "Right Person for the Right Job", our human resource policy - which makes us different - is aimed at investing in the human intellect and skills. Positioning our employees according to their abilities and qualifications, contributing to their development, and raising service quality - thus fostering the success of our company - forms the basis of the Human Resources understanding of Polimeks Construction.

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